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Launching May 2022


Portal membership platform is a community away from any social media outlets and the prying eyes of the control matrix. It is a safe space for deep divers & wisdom seekers to interact, who are sincerely interested in the deeper questions of reality, life, themselves and their personal selfhood journey during these great times of conscious evolution.

What The Portal Community Has To Offer.

Premium Video Content

Access to exclusive video content not available anywhere else, that goes deep on subjects that matter.

Bi-Weekly – Events & Q&A’s

Monthly community member only Q + A sessions & Live Trainings

Private Newsfeed, Groups, Trainings & Forums

Engage and connect with likeminded legends on the self actualization path and doing The Great Work of our Times.

Intel Reports & Trends Journal

Keep in the know with world events, financial matters, new trends and the opportunities that the times of transition bring as we enter a new quantum domain of knowing.

Live Topic Discussions & Community Support

Be apart of a group whilst learning new skills and bringing your innate knowledge and experience to the table.

VIP Access to Events & Meetups

Get access to monthly on-line learning events on topics that matter such as, living the mystical life, psychic awareness, wealth creation, self care, self mastery, occult world and other events that will not be available to the public.