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The online community where we navigate consciousness in a new domain of knowing.

Let me tell you why you're here

You’re here because you know something.
What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s there, a knowing, like a splinter in your mind, that you have done this before, driving you mad chasing Alice down rabbit holes. It is this knowing that has brought you to this group. If you know what I’m talking about, Congratulations you are in the right place and so are your people.

Activate Your Innate Technology

The future is a reanimation of the past. We have the opportunity in this now time to heal the repeating cycles of fuckery and re-envision how to use our innate magick (technology) to bring remedy across the sands of time, across our lineage, exploring what is known within our innate and activate all of that, at the speed of NOW.

Elevate Your Dreaming Body & Mind

We are all in stasis dreaming across the sands of time (curious if there is another way to say across the sand of time as it was also used in the above paragraph) and have forgotten how to use our dreaming potential to hear, to see, to action from the language of the sacred synchronicities, the allegories, the tokens and bleed throughs that are always communicating to us. It is your Rite once again to sit and play with all of Earth’s dreaming societies and realms. No longer walking the path of meaning, but being the living library in knowing.

Experience a New Domain of Knowing Reality.

We are firmly in the change over years 2020 to 2030. What was once will be no longer as a new domain of knowing awaits the brave of heart as the time of renewal touches all systems, structures, and states of being. A great opportunity is present for those that hear the call and link up with others that dream the ancient future into the now.
What Subjects The Portal Community Has To Offer.

Current Events & Energy Updates

Ancient & Modern Occulted Knowledge

Journey Work & Psychic Development

Energy Mechanics & Psychic Dynamics

Mystical Living Disciples Unique To Your Innate Talents

Mind, Body, Soul Integration & Embodiment

Dream Architecture & Reality Creation

Smokey Mirror & Shadow Work

Accessing the Higher Mind & Spirit Worlds

Deprogramming & Inter Personal Psychology

Uncover & Develop Your Innate Talents

Ancestral Communication & Spirit Council Awareness

Business Strategies For The Now

Ritual & Ceremonial Work

Full Spectrum Healing & Wellbeing

What The Portal Community Has To Offer.

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Keep in the know with world events, new trends and opportunities as we enter a new quantum domain of knowing.

Community Support

Be apart of a group whilst learning new skills and bringing your innate knowledge and experience to the table.

VIP Access to Events

Get access to monthly on-line learning events on topics that matter that will not be available to the public.

Study & Accountability Groups

No more lone wolf, join wolf packs and achieve with support.

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Gamified E-Learning built with mobile in mind, that drops in July

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