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Portal Community is not just another group; it is a vibrant community poised at the frontier of human potential and spiritual awakening. We are a confluence of seekers, mentors, and visionaries dedicated to the exploration of the deepest truths of our existence. Here, ancient wisdom meets modern insight, creating a dynamic path that leads to empowerment, and a mastery of life itself.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Portal?

Created in 2022 to provide Truth & Wisdom seekers on their own path to knowledge with exclusive access to a private ecosystem.

In 2023, Grant Eagles redesigned Portal and spent 2 years building the full digital platform, academy, marketplace, and network to bring forth an exclusive ecosystem for these times. We are very proud to welcome you. Alot more to come in 2024.

Is The Membership Available Internationally?

Yes we have members from 8 Countries so far, Portal is currently open for membership and will return to a waitlist in June. The interest for Portal is world wide.

What Is The Price of Portal?

All existing members will keep their original enrollment price. When Portal reopens in the second half of 2024 the price will increase. Now is the time to take advantage

How Do I Get Membership?

Portal membership is currently open but will become a waitlist only in at the end of 2024.  Enrol now

Do You Have Any More Questions?

Our official support email address is portal@granteagles.com. Whether you have questions about our services, need assistance with your account, or want to provide feedback, our team is here to help. Please allow 2 business days to hear back from us.

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Are you ready to step into a life of deeper meaning, purpose, and mastery? Portal Community is your portal to a world of transformation. Here, you’ll discover not just the wisdom of ages but a vibrant, supportive community committed to walking the path of awakening together.

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