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Portal Community

Welcome to the community where we explore grounded mystical living and navigate the depths of reality in a new domain of knowing. Our grounded membership helps those on the Path of Self-discovery & Selfhood thrive with full spectrum awareness and innerstanding in these great change over years.

Portal Community is self guided curriculum for anyone interested in optimizing and deepening their innerstanding of self, others and the many layers of the world around them. All levels of students are welcome. We provide a safe and welcoming space to explore the mystical side of reality.

Let me tell you why you're here

You’re here because you know something.
What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s there, a knowing, like a splinter in your mind, that you have done this before, driving you mad chasing Alice down rabbit holes. It is this knowing that has brought you to this group. If you know what I’m talking about, Congratulations you are in the right place and so are your people.

Real Talk...

  • Whether you are at the beginning or at a reflection moment.
  • You have done all the courses and research.
  • Want to really embody your innate power and knowledge.
  • Leave the mundane cycles behind and are ready to walk a new path in life.
  • Or know it’s time to implement your soul calling and clean the slate.

The Portal Community is for you.

Behind our doors, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to do the deep inner & outer realm work, take grounded action, build solid foundations and containers for your innate self to generate energy & momentum, turn your ideas into a profitable thriving business, connect with legends that share the same dreaming visions and dive into the mysteries & depths of the mechanics of reality.

  • Resources, workbooks & templates, everything you need to make things happen.
  • Courses & Masterclasses you’ll need to thrive in these times, discover you’re innate, unlearn the programs, and dive deep into your inner realms so you can do what you came here to do at this time.
  • Bi-Weekly Mentoring & Q&A calls for support & momentum.
  • Accountability & Study Groups.
  • Trends Journal, Energy Updates & Intel Reports to keep you in the Know.
  • A community of conscious explorers that will be there to help and support you at every step.

You name it Portal Community has it….

So What's Inside The Portal Community?

So Let's Introduce You To Portal Community

Inside the Portal Community, you’ll find proven strategies, techniques, methodology, skills, and modern-day working magick, wisdom & philosophy which walks you through the exact steps YOU can take on your personal awakening journey & create from this NOW moment.

It’s not a one-size fits-all. We know this at our core, and we’ve put things in place for our members to have the freedom to explore the depths of their conscious, and make their ideas and visions realistic and achievable while also keeping everything grounded and understandable so that you can build yourself up and in short, do what the fuck you are here do to without the psychic driven programs, beliefs and perceptions that weren’t ours to begin with.

…now it’s YOUR turn.

Through the Portal Community Experience, you’ll get clear on what is in the inner realms, outer realms and smokey mirror that needs addressing, discover a newfound courage to explore your own innate magick and apply it into your daily life, along with effective life strategies and knowledge on how to align and generate momentum to the future, that your future self is whispering from.

At the Core of The Portal Community

During these times it is easy to fall down rabbit holes and do mental u-turns in our personal journey. To avoid wasted hours and dissociation from information & disinformation overwhelm, we ground into foundations of core topics and move out from there. Keeping it Grounded & Understandable gives us the opportunity to explore our own innate paths and follow the breadcrumbs with support on our innate pathways of discovery and remembrance.

Psychology & Mindset

Magick & Shamanism

Occulted Knowledge

Business Development & Strategy

Breath & Psychosomatic Work

Meditation & Journey Work

Ritual & Ceremonial Work

Psycho-Spiritual & Psychic Development

Selfhood & Sovereignty

Embodied Leadership

Masculine Feminine Energy Dynamics

Shadow Work, Trauma Work & Integration

Positioning Accordingly

Health & Wellbeing

Healing & Energy Mechanics

Modern Day Wisdom & Philosophy

Courses & Masterclasses

Real Talk, Grounded & Understandable

Our Masterclasses & Courses
include exclusive teachings on...

  • Navigating & Positioning in the Change Over Years
  • Psychic Sovereignty
  • Breathwork & Meditation
  • Psycho-Spiritual Development
  • Business in a New Domain of Knowing
  • Magick & Shamanism
  • Psychology & Philosophy
  • Occulted Knowledge
  • Innate & Energy Dynamics
  • Human Behavioural Psychology
  • Spirit Communication
  • Galactic & Earth History
  • & Lots More

we make the complex & woo grounded & understandable!

Bi-Weekly Group Mentorship & Q&A's

Real Talk, Grounded & Understandable
Conscious Explorers

Mentoring & Q&A's Calls

At the beginning of every month, we host a General Mentoring Call on a specific subject or the current happenings going on with inner and outer reality. Join us to get a clear perspective, and insight on how to bring remedy and empower your vision making it your reality. This is the perfect place to work through any blocks, issues or pathways of innerstanding.

In the middle or towards the back end of each month, we hold a Q&A Session. Join us every month as we make our way through any questions you have about you, what you are exploring in the realms and needing a different lens of knowing. We’ll work to find answers.

As well as the above, you will also be invited to special events, to make sure you feel as supported as possible.

All sessions are online and are hosted at a time that’ll work with everyone’s time zone… but don’t worry: all sessions are recorded, so you can watch the replay in your own time if you can’t make the live.

I hope to see you soon.

Trends Journal & Intel-Energy Updates

Real Talk, Grounded & Understandable
Know Whats Going On Before its vogue…

Trends Journal

Each month, we will present the Trends Journal with all the new trends, tech developments and business opportunities, as well as new developments that this great time presents as we explore a new domain of knowing. To have the intel and strategies as the are developing is key to positioning accordingly and knowing where this is all going.

keep on the pulse of the change over years.

Energy & Intel Reports

Before the themes and currents of the energetic realms and intel world become vogue water cooler talking points, You will be in the know. Delivered with the awareness of being able to action in a grounded and understandable manner. (No BS or Fluff) Just Real Talk – We help you have your finger on the pulse.

Accountablity & Study Groups

Real Talk, Grounded & Understandable
Conscious Explorers

The Power In Working with A Tribe...

We know how easy it can be to lose momentum & motivation, get thrown off track and start to doubt yourself, and struggle to see the other side of the current situation. We’ve been there before, and still face those same challenges at times. It’s normal! But it doesn’t mean you have be alone in them.

We have always found a way to bounce back from the lows because we have a strong support system, and network to catch us when we are spinning in the vortex of WTF. Naturally… we wanted to put the same thing in place for you.

In addition to the bi-weekly support calls, you also have the opportunity to reach out, and connect with the Portal Community Members so that we can slide into your inbox, drop some insight and support, as well as the encouragement, and motivation we wish we had when we first started out or were in next level mode of getting comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Private Social Media Community

Real Talk, Grounded & Understandable
Conscious Explorers

Step behind the scenes of the Portal Community…

Join The Portal Community and unlock access to our exclusive community…

It’s one of the most powerful emerging networks in the deep diver & conscious explorer space for unapologetic Legends, like yourself, doing the Great Work at this time. So come plug in!

Every member gets to build out a profile and join groups, courses and discussion forums so you can get a really good innerstanding of how compatible you have always been.

Think of our community as a facebook app, but for Legends of The Change Over Years who really get WTF is going on. It’s where you’ll find your support system and lock it in for life!

Be Apart of the Foundations of Portal Community

Portal Foundation Membership

We are in our early launching phase and grounding in the foundations to bring a world-class platform and self-organizing collective together. We have a Roadmap of when everything is being launched and made available to Portal Members. As a Foundation Member, you get all of these features according to the timeline and some extras dropping in that not to distance future. (Take me up on this Offer Legends.)

Foundation Membership Launch $350p/y
June 22
July 22
Begin Courses & Masterclasses
June 22
Bi-Weekly Mentoring & Q&A's
June 22
Bi Weekly
Trends Journal
July 22
Monthly or Special Event
Phase 2 Portal Community Launch $550p/y
Aug 22
Until Phase 3 (2023)
Affiliate Program
Aug 22
Aug 22
Workbooks, Templates & Resources
Aug 22
Aug 22
Aug 22
Accountability & Study Groups
Aug 22
Bi Monthly
Portal Community App Launch
Aug 22
Sep 22
Portal Member Retreats & Special In Person Events
Nov 22
This Special Foundation Offer Ends July 30th.

Become a Portal Community Foundation Member Today.

As a Portal Foundation Member, you will forever be locked into this price (no price increase) and have access to the content as it drops. When the marketplace and other features go live, you will get direct access to those opportunities. In the meantime connect with a like-minded community through a self-guided curriculum to optimize your innate dreaming mind, body & spirit connection.

3 Monthly


What you get access to

  • Bi-Weekly Events & Q&A
  • Premium Video Content & Courses
  • Intel Reports & Trends Journal
  • Download Library
  • Access to VIP Events
  • Social Network & E-Learning Platform


Yearly Subscription


What you get access to

  • Bi-Weekly Events & Q&A
  • Premium Video Content & Courses
  • Intel Reports & Trends Journal
  • Download Library
  • Access to VIP Events
  • Social Network & E-Learning Platform