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Exclusive March Special Course

Business In A New Frontier – 4 Week Training

With all societal systems failing and disruptive technology shifting the way we go about life and business. We truly are at the changing of the guard moment where the price of entry and effective strategy has changed overnight and will continue to. Starting a business, scale or to begin that project is now possible with the assistance of tech and a new frontier of going about business and life without the gatekeepers of old world thinking constricting how we go about it.

Private Membership Community

Expand your personal and spiritual growth with Portal Community.

Join Portal Community to discover the secrets of personal and spiritual development through discussions & topics such as psychology, shamanism, leadership, wisdom, empowered action and more.

Whats Inside Portal Community!

Portal Community is the perfect place for you to explore the depths of personal and spiritual development. With exclusive access to powerful teachings spanning from psychology & mindset, to embodied leadership, modern day wisdom & philosophy, magick & shamanism, and much more – you’ll be sure to find just what you need to unlock your inner power and transform your life.

Courses & Masterclasses

Bi-Weekly Group Chats & Live Q&A’s

Trends Journal & Energy Updates

Accountability & Study Groups

Private E-Learning & Social Media Platform

Roadmaps, Templates & Workbooks


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At the Core of The Portal Community

During these times it is easy to fall down rabbit holes and do mental u-turns in our personal journey. To avoid wasted hours and dissociation from information & disinformation overwhelm, we ground into foundations of core topics and move out from there. Keeping it Grounded & Understandable gives us the opportunity to explore our own innate paths and follow the breadcrumbs with support in our innate pathways of discovery and remembrance.

Psychology & Mindset

Magick & Shamanism

Occulted Knowledge

Business Development & Strategy

Breath & Psychosomatic Work

Meditation & Journey Work

Ritual & Ceremonial Work

Psycho-Spiritual & Psychic Development

Selfhood & Sovereignty

Embodied Leadership

Masculine Feminine Energy Dynamics

Shadow Work, Trauma Work & Integration

Positioning Accordingly

Health & Wellbeing

Healing & Energy Mechanics

Modern Day Wisdom & Philosophy

Here is everything that is included in your Portal Membership:

  • LIVE Bi-Weekly Coaching, Intel, Events & Q&A  from world-class experts, thought leaders, and coaches.
  • Instant Access to Premium Video Content & Courses to help you level up in your personal, professional & mystical living life.
  • Personal Growth Tools & Download Library to help you and your subjects of study and improve your productivity, performance and focus.
  • Accountability & Transformation Challenges to help you transform and level up your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Join Our Global Community and Private Social Network, E-Learning Platform, and Community of Portal Legends from all across the globe!
Business In A New Frontier Course Special Offer Until March 9th

Become a Portal Community Member Today.

As a Phase 2 Portal Community Member, you will forever be locked into this price. (no price increase) and have access to the content as it drops, In the meantime connect with a like-minded community through a self-guided curriculum, Bi-Weekly Live Sessions, Courses &  Study Groups.

$350 p/y Subscription