Your Invitation to Emerge

If you are here,  You have heard the call that spans across the sands of time, for some, it is a whisper, for others it is an innate knowing that there many solar spins upon Terra have been an initiation for this current time to ignite the ancient  flame, becoming the torchbearer of our ancestral lineage. You have been selected for this majestic time to bring forth your innate wisdom and unique expression, merging a spiritual life and physical life together, waking in all Dreamtime realities. It is the path we walk now as we return home to the original nation as tribe members of Earth Mother with many stories and teachings to share from our adventures walking each other home.

Within this 8 Week Experiential Program together we will cut through the noise of the past, the programs of control, and the idea’s we once held of ourselves, bringing them to remedy & resolution creating the space for the great mystery within ourselves to dance our own innate dreaming vision forward, individually first and collectively. You are the one you have been waiting for all along to walk yourself home. This is the invitation for you to emerge.

The Invitation To Emerge Journey


Lower Kingdom

It is here, we set the foundations of intent and implement the discipline work to bring remedy and resolution of our stories. One journey many paths, many perspectives to alchemize and align our center with the crystallized wisdom from our experiences of the stories from the past, the present & the dreaming of a new future with all parts of ourselves aligned across the sands of time embodied in the NOW to use in our medicine bundle.

Be Who You Are At Your Core, Without The Lifes Cycles of BS & Fuckery…


Middle Kingdom

The permission slips and the rites of expression begin to break open the innate dreaming and creative potential that is and always has been you. At this point, your own Rites of Passage will begin to present themselves, ask the bigger questions of you, as you begin to move and dance with the Great Mystery. It will be your personal exploration and unique understanding to bring forth with your own wisdom from your lower kingdom and the use of your vision and medicine bundle.

Be Present In The NOW, Dreaming The Future To You Without The Shackles Of Displaced Power…

Empowered Action

Upper Kingdom

With the Foundation of the Lower Kingdom, grounded into the Earth realms & your courage to explore and express from the Middle Kingdom in the NOW present moment. It is here you shall stand in your center, redefining the vision of yourself and how you action your service work and follow the whispers and innate pathways. Becoming the bridge from between the unseen realms and the seen, dancing outside of time rejoining the circle of your ancient lineage and being the ancestor your future self calls upon. You Are In This Moment The Torch Bearer For This Time and The Great Dream Weaver. This is Your Knowing and Your Invitation To Emerge.

How This All Alchemizes Is Your Call…

Begins September 26th

Invitation To Emerge

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For!
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