In This Now Moment!

We are all at a choice point to which we can no longer ignore,

Do we indivdially begin to enact our innate power & dreaming potenital to discover the frontier of who we have always been without the Fuckery, breaking the shakles of the past, becoming the torchbearers of our ancient lineage. So in this NOW moment we can dream a new future forward with centered action and the courage to co-create and dance with the great mystery.

About Grant

Grant collaborates and co-creates with the revolutionaries of tomorrow, the conscious entrepreneurs, the social innovators, the way-showers, and the storytellers of the NOW moment. He’s devoted his life to sharing his principles of modern-day mysticism, philosophy, empowered action & self-mastery as we individually action our innate human potential in this NOW!
Next Invitation 21st June 2021

Invitation To Emerge

You are unique in your innate expression. Exploring and experiencing the expansive nature of your creative and dreaming potential is the Great Work in this NOW. Together we will explore the techniques, wisdom, personal Rites, and initiations to emerge with your own innate knowledge to bridge the many realms in which we exist and to draw from the ancient knowledge which we all carry to action with the courage to empower our soul calling without the fuckery we have all played in up to this point.

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