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In This Now Moment!

We are all at a choice point to which we can no longer ignore,

We are in a great time of transition, and the big questions about every aspect of life and how we go about it are up for review. The opportunity that this presents to us all, is can we on an individual level hear what calls from deep within ourselves? And begin to discover our sacred centre and make empowered choices in new domain of knowing. Without the programs, beliefs and perceptions that have been driven into us by The Matrix of illusion & control.

About Grant


Grant is a seasoned guide, mentor, consultant and mystic who has spent well over a decade facilitating and activating deep personal & mystical transformations in the lives of many from all walks of life. Most known for his potent and real-talk brand of psycho-spiritual dynamics, mystical mechanics of reality, innate magick development and business as we collectively walk into a new domain of knowing; he shares his wisdom and insights with a commitment to truth, clarity, and empowered action, rooted and grounded with sage like innerstanding. Everything he does is designed to help expand the awareness and knowledge of his mentees, community and audience so that they rediscover their own innate power and the mysteries that lie behind the programs, beliefs and perceptions of the psychic-driven social order.

The Future is a Reanimation of the Past & in this now moment, it becomes a choice. Do you continue playing out the same mundane cycles or unplug from the Matrix of control?

Grant Eagles


Portal Community

Portal is a membership community of discovery, awakening and self-realization. Our supportive community offers guidance and support as you navigate the depths of the inner and outer worlds of reality. With our help and self-guided curriculum, you can explore grounded mystical teachings and life skills at your own pace and bring forth your innate knowledge within a conscious community environment where we meet for Live Conversations 2 times per month, and lots more…

1-1 Mentoring

I only work with clients who are ready to take full ownership and responsibility for their lives, those willing go as far into the shadows in order to expand their capacity, explore the untapped nature of their innate power, experience both the seen and unseen realities that we are apart of and to show up and serve in grounded and empowered way becoming their own leader and leading others by example.

Invitation To Emerge

You are unique in your innate expression. Exploring and experiencing the expansive nature of your creative and dreaming potential is the Great Work in this NOW. Together we will explore the techniques, wisdom, personal Rites, and initiations to emerge with your own innate knowledge to bridge the many realms in which we exist and to draw from the ancient knowledge which we all carry to action with the courage to empower our soul calling without the fuckery we have all played in up to this point.

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