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In This Now Moment!

We are all at a choice point to which we can no longer ignore,

We are in a great time of transition, and the big questions about life have never been more up for review. The opportunity that this presents us with is can we on an individual level hear what calls from deep within ourselves? And begin to discover our sacred centres, use our dreaming mind to create new domains of intelligance & knowing. Without the programs, beliefs and perceptions that feed the systems and forces of Domination And Control (The Matrix).

About Grant


Grant supports high-performing business owners, soul-led leaders, conscious seekers and way-showers. He’s spent the past 10+ years full-time exploring the seen and unseen mechanics of reality and applying this knowledge to his personal, business and mystical life.

After arriving at a pivotal crossroads point in 2008 when what began as a gentle whisper became a rites of initiation path. Grant realised over the many years during this rites of passage that this innate path is not a one-size fits all and we are all torchbearers of this innate knowledge and we all have the ability to access this wisdom on our own. This is the new domain of knowing and applied knowledge that is available to us in these times of initiation and conscious evolution during the change over years 2020-2030.

Private Membership Community


Portal is a community membership platform designed to help those on the path of self-discovery and selfhood thrive with full spectrum awareness and innerstanding of their innate power.

Our community offers guidance and support for members as they navigate the depths of reality in a new domain of knowing and intelligence. With our support, members can explore grounded mystical teachings with a self-guided curriculum to optimize their dreaming mind, body & spirit connection and bring forth their innate knowledge and apply it all to every area of their life.

what portal community has to offer

Courses & Masterclasses

Bi Weekly, Mentoring Events & Q&A's

Trends Journal & Intel-Energy Updates

Private Social Media & E-Learning Platform

Begins September 22nd

8 Week Live & Experiential Program

Invitation To Emerge

You have been selected for this majestic time of transition and initiation to bring forth your innate wisdom, knowledge and unique expression, unifying a mystical and physical life together, waking in all Dreamtime realities and realms that are apart of your soul codex. This is the invitation to emerge we all have in this now to walk and pave the path being sung from the ancient future as we return home to the original nation as sovereign tribe members as shaman, medicine man, healers, sooth sayers, mystics and seers of Earth Mother to share the many stories and teachings from our adventures outside of time as we walk each other home.

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